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Refine Your Tattoo Techniques

Whether you are a professional or aspiring artist, my mentorship can help you fine-tune and master your craft. The services I offer include:


One Time Consultation

Free zoom call to get started

Get on a call with me to see if I am the right mentor/consultant for you.

Receive a thorough portfolio critique and gain valuable insights on bringing complex tattoo designs or ideas to life. Make your way toward fine-tuning your understanding and craft!


Bi-weekly Consultation

$399 per Month

Two 60 min zoom calls a month. We will focus on what you need to elevate your tattooing. I will show you techniques and tricks of the trade in real time. We will also discuss and attend to the areas you feel you need improvement in. I will give exercises and homework that will help correct issues and improve your tattoo skills.


Weekly Consultation

$599 per Month

Once a week zoom call, 60 min each. This is for tattoo artist who are more established. As you book clients for the month, I will be able to help you each week prepare for those tattoos and we will discuss and critique the design, placement, and approach.

How I Can Help

Whether you’re just starting or looking to refine your skills, I provide expert guidance on all aspects of tattoo design. From understanding the principles of a great tattoo to creating stunning and meaningful designs, I can guide you through every step of the process.

I want to extend a helping hand to new artists, offering insights into designing impeccable tattoos, understanding the nuances of stencil placement on the body, selecting the right needles, building a clientele, managing client relationships, and fostering professionalism in the industry. I aim to be the go-to resource for answering the questions that can elevate their art and personal growth.

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